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The eyebrow area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive, and non-irritated.  Here’s how to get your skin ready for the procedure:

  • Do not pick/tweeze/wax/perform electrolysis one week before the procedure

  • Do not tan two weeks prior to the service, or have a sunburned face

  • Do not have any type of facial 2 weeks prior to the procedure

  • Do not work out the day of the procedure

  • Do not have Botox 2 weeks prior to the procedure

  • Do not take Fish Oil or Vitamin E one week prior to the procedure (they are natural blood thinners)

  • Do not wax or tint your eyebrows 3 days prior to the procedure.

In order to avoid excessive bleeding and poor color deposit:

  • Do not drink alcohol 24 - 48 hours before your tattoo

  • Do not consume coffee before your procedure

  • Do not take an Aspirin or Ibuprofen for pain relief (these also thin the blood)

***Please Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. 


The day of the treatment: Absorb

After the procedure, gently blot the area with a clean tissue to absorb excess lymph fluid. Do this every 5 minutes for the full day until the oozing has stopped.  Removing this fluid prevents the hardening of the lymphatic fluids.

Days 1-7: Wash

Wash daily to remove bacteria, the build-up of products and oils, and dead skin. (Don't worry, THIS DOES NOT REMOVE THE PIGMENT!)

Gently wash your eyebrows each morning and night with water and a gentle soap like Dove Soap, Cetaphil, or Neutrogena. With a very light touch, use your fingertips to gently cleanse the eyebrows. Rub the area in a smooth motion for 10 seconds and rinse with water ensuring that all soap is rinsed away. To dry, gently pat with a clean tissue. DO NOT use any cleansing products containing acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA), or exfoliants.  

Days 1-7 Moisturize

Apply a rice grain amount of aftercare ointment (Aquaphor, Vaseline, Coconut oil) with a cotton swab and spread it across the treated area. Be sure not to over-apply, as this will delay healing. The ointment should be barely noticeable on the skin. NEVER put the ointment on a wet or damp tattoo.

Important Reminders

  • Use a fresh pillowcase while you sleep.

  • Let any scabbing or dry skin naturally exfoliate away. Picking can cause scarring or loss of color.

  • No facials, Botox, chemical treatments or microdermabrasion for 4 weeks.

  • Avoid hot, sweaty exercise for one week.

  • Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning for 4 weeks after the procedure.  Wear a hat when outdoors.

  • Avoid long, hot showers for the first 10 days.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face for the first 10 days.

  • Avoid face-down swimming, lakes, and hot tubs for the first 10 days,

  • Avoid topical makeup and sunscreen on the area.

  • DO NOT rub, pick, or scratch the treated area.

 Important note about showering:

Limit your showers to 5 minutes so that you do not create too much steam. Keep your face/procedure area out of the water while you wash your body, then, at the end of your shower, wash your hair. Your face should only be getting wet only at the end of the shower.  Avoid excessive rinsing and hot water on the treated area.


Day 1:  The eyebrows are approximately 50% darker and 10-15% bolder in width than they will be when healed. Expect light to moderate swelling and redness. The skin’s redness causes the color of the pigment to appear darker. There is some swelling, although difficult to actually see due to the thickness of the skin in the eyebrow area. This will subside. Exfoliation, which begins in a few days, will cause the excess pigment surrounding the eyebrow to flake away and a more narrow appearance will result. New skin will heal over the pigmented area and result in a softer appearance of your eyebrows. Don’t be concerned that your eyebrows initially appear darker and heavier in size than you desire. This is all part of the process.

Day 2: Conditions remain the same, do not worry! Trust the process.

Day 3: Eyebrows start to itch and will appear a bit thicker in texture. Exfoliation begins. (Aquaphor helps)

Day 4: The skin begins to flake, peeling from the outside edges first. Please do not pick. 

Day 5: Color finishes flaking off and appears softer and grayer for a few days until color clarifies.

Day 7: The color has lightened from its initial excessively dark appearance. For the next few days, the color may now be lighter than what the final color will be. 

Day 8-10: The final color begins to stabilize and show through.

Day 11-30: Pigment can disappear and reappear after two weeks so please be patient with final results after 1 month.


Lip Blush can trigger an outbreak of cold sores. As a necessary precaution, all lip clients with a history of cold sores must take an anti-viral medication for at least a few days. These will be prescribed by your doctor.

Examples of antiviral medications: Valtrex or over-the-counter L-lysine supplements.

You will need to contact your physician in order to obtain your prescription strength anti-viral medication. 

  • Exfoliate your lips for a few days before coming in. Removing dead, dry skin allows for better retention. You can make your own scrub using some sugar and coconut oil. Make sure to keep your lips moisturized after exfoliating.

  • Do not work out for 24 hours before the procedure. This will help with bleeding.

  • No heavy alcohol use the night before. No caffeine 4 hours before the procedure (sorry!)

  • Avoid sun and tanning one week prior to the procedure.

  • Do not take aspirin, niacin, vitamin E or Advil/Ibuprofen 48 hours before the procedure.

  • Avoid fish oil, vitamins, biotin supplements 48 hours prior to the procedure.

  • Discontinue Retin-A at least 4 weeks prior to the procedure.

  • Refrain from the use of any alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) products close to the lip area at least 4 weeks prior.

  • Must wait a minimum 4 weeks after having lip fillers to get lip blush but I recommend getting filler BEFORE having lip blush done.

  • You may take arnica supplements (not topical) to help with bruising and healing. You can begin taking this on the day before the procedure and continue for 4-5 days after. 


***Please Note: You will be more sensitive during your menstrual cycle. 

Lip blush Aftercare:

  • Complete course of anti-viral medication to avoid an outbreak.

  • In 2 hours, use distilled or bottled water with a clean washrag to gently pat lips and apply a thin layer of grapeseed oil or aquaphor.

  • Wash your lips before bed on the first night with lukewarm water and a cotton round and apply oil or aquaphor.

  • Do not wash/scrub your lips for the next 5 - 7 days and avoid allowing shower water to spray directly on the area.

  • You may apply balm as often as needed! Your lips will feel dry and tight, similar to sunburn.

  • When lips begin to flake, leave them alone and do not pick, pull or remove any dry scabs or flakes.

  • Avoid spicy foods and drink using a straw as much as possible for the next 2-3 days.

  • Do not stretch your mouth--cut food into small bites.

  • Avoid smoking for 10 days. Smoking affects the body's ability to heal quickly.

  • Avoid underwater swimming and bathing for a minimum of 4 weeks to avoid bacterial infection.

  • Do not expose the lips to direct sunlight or tanning beds for 4 weeks. Newly healed skin can sunburn easily and direct sun too soon may also cause scarring and alter pigment color.

  • No kissing on your newly tattooed lips for 2 days! THIS IS A TOUGH ONE!

  • Sleeping with your head elevated may help to reduce swelling. You can also use an ice pack to help with the swelling.

  • Use a lip balm with sunscreen whenever you will be out in the sun to prevent fading or discoloring of your lip color! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE LONGEVITY OF YOUR TATTOO!


  • Days 1 - 2: Your lips will be swollen and will feel tight, dry and very chapped. They may be tender to the touch. The color may look more concentrated and dark on day 2. Swelling usually subsides in a few hours but may last up to 24 hours.

  • Days 3 - 5: Once the healing of the skin starts taking place, your lips will be very dry and may appear patchy in color. Do not pick or rub at the dry areas. Lips will fade up to 50% after the first 5 days. Use aquaphor or lip balm of your choice (a new fresh tube) as often as you need!

  • Days 5 -10: Healing will continue and color will continue to settle and even out. Your lips may feel excessively dry for up to 3 weeks. You can use lipstick after 10 days - be sure it is new to avoid bacteria, but keep in mind that lipstick tends to make lips dry.

  • Days 10-30: Lips will be fully healed with new skin regeneration by day 30 (dark lips may take longer - up to 2 months). The color will brighten slightly from the initial healing period for final results!

  • You may get your touch-up done at the 4 weeks- to allow for complete healing and cellular regeneration.


Cosmetic tattoo results are never guaranteed and can be affected by mature age, poor diet, stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, age, general health, sleep/fatigue. You may need up to 3 sessions to achieve your desired results.